Golden Bridge Hotel Guangzhou

December 27, 2016
Golden Bridge Hotel Guangzhou

Guangzhou hotels industry is prosperous. As an important tourism city of south China, millions of travelers come to visit Guangzhou. The tourism help Guangzhou hotels improve their hardware and service quality step by step. You will never worry for can't find a nice Guanzhou hotel. Most of the Guangzhou hotels serve circumspect and thoughtful service.
Guangzhou hotel cost is not expensive except the period of Canton Fair. Chinatravelkey suggest you to reserve the room for Canton fair one month before at least.
Please contact Guangzhou hotel advisor directly via email ( if it is not easy to choose a hotel by yourself. Our Guangzhou hotel advisor will select a hotel according to your need.

Excellent Guangzhou Hotel Recommended by Other travelers
Tianlun International Hotel Guangzhou 5 * (Best Choice)
Dongfang Hotel Guangzhou 5 *
Golden Bridge Hotel Guangzhou 4 * (Best Choice)
Central Hotel Guangzhou 4* (Best Choice)
Grand Palace Hotel Guangzhou 4* (Best Choice)
Guangdong Victory Hotel Guangzhou 4*
Rosedale Hotel&Suites, Guangzhou 4*
Hotel Canton 4* (old hotel with excellent service)
Guangdong Guesthouse 4*
Royal Hotel Guangzhou 4* (KTV on 3rd floor, please reserve a room above 5th floor)
Ramada Pearl Hotel Guangzhou 4* (Equipment is a little old; river view is excellent)
Sun City Hotel Guangzhou 4* (35 kms from downtown)
Pearl Garden Hotel Guangzhou 4*
Parkview Square Hotel Guangzhou 3 * (Best Choice)
Youdian Hotel Guangzhou 3 *
Yanling Hotel Guangzhou 3 *
Bai Yun Hotel Guangzhou 3 * (Located in Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, 10 km to downtown)
Sanyu Hotel Guangzhou 3 *
Golden Lake Hotel Guangzhou 3 * (35 km from downtown)

Note of Guangzhou Hotel Reservation:
It is very hard to reserve a room during Canton fair. Please make reservation one month in advance. Prepayment is usually necessary during Canton fair.
Price of Guangzhou hotels will also be effected by National Holiday (May 1 to May 7; October 1 to October 7) each year. Please contact us in advance if you will visit Guangzhou during this period.

Payment of Guangzhou Hotel
Most of Guangzhouhotels accept credit card upon arrival. Some hotels need guarantee by credit card when make reservation. Some Guangzhou hotel need prepayment during national holiday or large scale exhibition. We will inform you the exact payment method when make reservation.


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