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October 12, 2017
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From its centuries of history as a significant Silk Road stop to the sparkling skyscrapers which dominate its landscape today, Guangzhou has long been one of southern China's most important economic and transportation hubs. Eating and shopping may appear to be Guangzhou's most popular tourist attractions, but this densely populated city also contains a surprisingly large number of historic landmarks and tranquil retreats.

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Guangzhou is one of the largest cities in the world's most populous country, but the majority of its tourist attractions are situated in a comparatively small area near a centrally located road called Zhongshan.

No other structure in China stands taller than the Canton Tower, from which visitors can enjoy the view of this thoroughly modern city from an observation deck or watch a 4-D theatre screening. Guangzhou's more historic side is best seen at Shamian Island. The Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel is just one of the beautifully renovated 19th century British and French colonial buildings on this serene sandbank island.

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Yuexiu is not only the largest of Guangzhou's many green spaces, but also the biggest city park in all of China. Guangzhou's symbolic Stone Statue of the Five Rams and the Ming Dynasty Zhenhai Tower are Yuexiu Park's tallest landmarks. The five-floor Guangzhou Museum is located within the Ming Dynasty Zhenhai Tower and features exhibits which are up to 5, 000 years old.

Restaurants and Bars

Eating and drinking are high on the list of most popular attractions in this Chinese city which boasts more restaurants than any other in the country. Although less adventurous eaters may wish to pass on Qingping Market's organ meats and live seafood offerings, no Guangzhou visit would be complete without sampling some dim sum, white cut chicken, or any other of the city's many authentic Cantonese staples. Guangzhou also has no shortage of nightlife options, from British style pubs to clubs where locals dance to a mixture of both recorded and live music.


Shopping is probably second only to eating on the list of best known Guangzhou attractions. Grandview Mall is the biggest of Guangzhou's numerous modern shopping complexes, but visitors must venture into back alleys to find most of the city's outdoor markets. Shangxiajiu and Beijing Lu are the two largest pedestrian shopping thoroughfares. Several smaller Guangzhou streets, including Cultural and Household Merchandise streets, are named after the merchandise which is sold in most of their shops.

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