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September 18, 2015
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EF's English language schools are spread across China in over 50 cities. Most of EF's English language schools are in China's four major coastal cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, so that is where most English teacher jobs are also. Smaller cities have fewer schools with a more local feel.

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Good food, a mild climate, and reggae bars

Close to Hong Kong, Guangzhou is known for having sent millions of Chinese emigrants abroad. Much of the Chinese food you may have tasted abroad was originally based on Guangzhou specialties. Originally termed "Canton" by Portuguese and French traders, Guangzhou today is at the center of Southern China's Cantonese culture.

Not only is the weather nice, with a comfortable climate year round, this city has convenient transportation links to destinations throughout China and Asia. The world's fastest commercial bullet train runs between Guangzhou and Wuhan in 3 hours.

Guangzhou is also the heartbeat of an up-and-coming Bohemian music scene. Artists and DJs flock to Guangzhou to experience this urban, underground pop culture.

All of our 13 English language schools are conveniently situated in downtown areas where teachers can be right in the center of this vibrant city.


Combines the best of urban modernity with great beaches!

Located a mere 45-minute train ride from Hong Kong and its busy international airport, Shenzhen is a sub-tropical city that combines the best of urban modernity with great beaches, palm trees and a relaxed pace of life.

Shenzhen is the country's fastest growing city and boasts better, cheaper shopping than Hong Kong, delicious, fresh seafood and a very cosmopolitan flavor. Twelve of EF's language centers are located in Shenzhen.

If you have the travel bug, there are regular ferries to Macau and Zhuhai and hourly train services to Hong Kong for you to escape for the day or weekend. In this balmy city, you can enjoy everything from beach parties to fashionable nightlife at the new marine and dry dock.


Food, fashion and French

Said to be the Paris of the East, Shanghai averages a fashion show per day and is known for fusing inspirational, if not controversial, western and traditional designs. In Shanghai you will have access to great regional Chinese flavors as well as the best of Asia's international cuisine.

If you fancy architecture, neighbourhoods like the European-inspired Bund and the quaint French Concession are a dreamscape where traditional lane houses sit along side Art Deco masterpieces and modern skyscrapers

A mixture of east and west, modern and traditional, Shanghai is the place to be if you want to experience the hustle and bustle of contemporary China.


Center of Chinese history, culture, and politics

Beijing is the Rome of China. It is the seat of the national government and has a rich history from ancient empires to modern movements. When in Beijing, you'll have a slice of the "real China". Here you'll find iconic sites alongside modern art galleries. With a thriving music scene, Beijing's nightlife attracts a more edgy, eclectic crowd. From downtown, you can be hiking along The Great Wall in an hour.

Beijing is also famous for its chefs. Beijing Duck is like none you have ever tasted and Baozi dumplings originated here. The traditional cusine of Beijing is Northern Chinese, which many foreigners find more palatable than southern dishes.

Fourteen of our English language schools are located here, offering a variety of teaching positions throughout the year.

EF English language schools in Other Locations

For those wishing to have a more immersive experience, many of our English language schools in China are located in provincial capitals and other large cities, often with just one school per city. The locations of our language schools each promise their own charm:

  • WEST: Live in Urumqi, where you can explore the desert and Muslim culture while living in two different time zones at the same time!
  • EAST: Experience the rich ethnic diversity in Nanjing.
  • NORTH: Live along the beautiful northern coastlines of Rizhao, known as the City of Sunshine in Chinese.
  • SOUTH: Live amongst the limestone peaks of Yangshuo near Guilin.

When applying for a teaching job at our English language schools in China, you have a variety of school types and locations to choose from. Wherever you go, it will be an experience that is uniquely yours.

Learn more about EF schools operating in some of our other locations in China: (locations in blue can be clicked for more detailed information. Requires Adobe Acrobat reader):

Baotou, , , , , , , , , , , , , , Jinhua, Jinzhou, Nangjing, Nanning, , Qingdao, , , Rui’an, , , , , Taizhou, , , , Weihai, , Wuhan, , Xiamen, , , , Yantai, , , , ,

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