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December 30, 2016
Guangzhou Baiyun Airport:

Waiting Room in Guangzhou Train StationOriginally named Huadu Station till 1999 and renovated in 2009, Guangzhou North Railway Station is located on Xinhua Street in Huadu District, a bit far from the city center. It is about 17 miles (27 kilometers) from Guangzhou Railway Station, 25 miles (40 kilometers) from the East Station, 30 miles (49 kilometers) from the South Station, and 14 miles (23 kilometers) from Baiyun International Airport.

Schedule and Ticket Booking
No trains are originating from the station. Those passing through include high speed types of Wuhan-Guangzhou and ordinary types to/from Ganzhou, Wenzhou, Hanzhong, Chongqing, Zhangjiajie and other cities.

See detailed Guangzhou Schedule

Station Plan


The station consists of a two-storey building and two squares, east and west.
2F: waiting rooms
1F: waiting rooms, ticket office

How to get to North Train Station from downtown Guangzhou?
Arrival by bus:
At North Station Bus Sop: Hua 1, Hua 4, Hua 6, Hua 9, Hua 10, Hua 17b, Hua 17, Hua 17 Wangzilu Regular Bus, Hua 19, Hua 19 Yonggao Regular Bus, Hua 27, Hua 62, Hua 73, Hua 81
At North Station Coach Station: Huadu-Dongpu Line, Huadu-Panyu Line, Airport Shuttle Bus Line 9
At Bus Terminal: Hua80, Hua84, Hua85, Hua87
At Huadu Coach Station: Guang-Hua Jiaokou Line, Guang-Hua Dongzhan Line, Guang-Hua Fangcun Line, Guang-Hua Express Line, Guang-Hua Tianhe Line, Hua63, Hua63 Rulincun Regular bus, Hua63 night line, Huadu-Dongpu Line, Huadu-Conghua Line, Night Bus Line 87.

Passengers arriving by bus will get off not far away from the station. For those with a ticket in hand, please enter the station directly and find the right waiting room by reading the ticket carefully. If not, the ticket office is on 1F. Please go there and buy a ticket first and then find the right waiting room to wait for the departure.

Arrival by taxi:
Passengers will get off at the west square of the north station if arriving by taxi. The terminal building can be easily recognized upon arrival.

From Guangzhou Railway Station: It takes about 55 minutes and costs around CNY 95.
From East Station: It takes an hour and costs approximately CNY 125.
From South Station: It takes about an hour and 20 minutes and costs about CNY170.
From Baiyun International Airport: It takes 30 minutes and costs about CNY45.

Boarding the Train Ticket Check and Boarding

Waiting Room

Passengers should know exactly which check point they should go to have the tickets checked by reading tickets carefully ahead of time. After check-in, go to the platforms to get onboard. It needs to be mentioned that pink tickets should be handled manually, while blue ones can be checked at automatic ticket checking machines.

Please note that passengers to take high speed trains should go to platforms 3 and 4 by an elevated bridge on 2F. For passengers to take ordinary ones, platforms 1 and 2 are easily accessible on 1F.

How to exit and leave the station?
Upon arriving, passengers get out of the station by an underground passage. Then find the relevant bus or taxi to leave the station.

Leave by bus:
Passengers who want to leave by bus please confirm the route first, and then go to the west square to find the right bus.

Leave by taxi:
The taxi stand is also in the west square. It is very convenient for passengers to go their destinations.

Transportation to other places:
Guangzhou Train Station:
Take Guang-Hua Express Bus Line at the Huadu Coach Station to Guangzhou Bus Terminal and then walk eastward for 766 yards (700 meters) to the destination.

South Station:
1. There is no direct transport. The most convenient way is to get to Guangzhou Railway Station first, and take subway line 2 to get here.
2. Take Huadu-Panyu Line at North Station Coach Station to Shima South Station. After take bus line 523 to Yaotai Station and then walk northeast for 450 yards (410 meters) to Sanyuanli Station and take subway line 2 there to the destination.

East Station:
Take Guang-Hua Dongzhan bus line in Huadu Coach Station to the Bus Terminal of the East Station, and then walk about 87 yards (80 meters) to the destination.

Baiyun International Airport:
Take Baiyun Airport shuttle bus line 9 at the North Station Coach Station to Baiyun Airport Station. The bus is available from 05:25 to 19:55 with an interval of 30 minutes. It takes about 1.5 hours and costs CNY10.

Facilities and Services
Ticket Office:
There are two ticket offices in the station, one at the south side of 1F, the other north side of 1F. The former has eight windows, which mainly serve high speed trains, while the latter with six ticket windows for regular ones.

Waiting Hall:
Six waiting rooms can be found inside the terminal building – those on the first floor are for common trains, while the second floor serves only the high speed ones.

Left Luggage:
It usually charges CNY10 per piece of luggage per day.

LED Screens:
LED screens are available in the station showing the departure time, arrival time, waiting room and other information.

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