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January 23, 2017
Guangzhou Airport (CAN) to

At present, there are over 33, 000 taxis serving in the city of Guangzhou. They are Jetta, Volkswagen, Santana, Red-flag, Sonata, Buick, Golden cup or Citroen and come in various colors such as yellow, blue, maroon and gold. Usually, taxis of different colors are managed by different companies. Reputable taxis in Guangzhou are the yellow taxis of the Baiyun Group, the blue cabs of the Guangjun Group and the maroon taxis of the Guangzhou Transportation Group.

There are usually many taxis waiting at the exit of the airport, railway stations, bus stations and stops, hotels, scenic spots and taxi stands. However, it is also possible to hail an empty taxi wherever it is permitted to park a car during the off-peak periods.

Taxi Fare
The current taxi fare in Guangzhou is CNY10 for the first 2.5 km (1.55 miles), CNY2.6 per km between 2.5 and 35 km, CNY 3.5 per kilometer after 35 km; the charge is CNY26 per hour when stopping in a traffic jam or at traffic lights or whenever the speed is less than 10 km per hour. The taxi fare can be paid with the Yangchengtong Card, and remember to request the invoice after you paid.

Here are the taxi fares according to distances:

Distance (km) 2.5 10 15
Fare (CNY) 12 14 17 20 22 25 27 30 43

Hereunder, for your reference, are lists of the taxi fares between the transportation terminals in Guangzhou:
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport – Guangzhou Railway Station: CNY100
Baiyun International Airport – East Railway Station: CNY 110
Baiyun International Airport – South Railway Station: CNY 180
Baiyun International Airport – North Railway Station: CNY 60
Guangzhou Railway Station – East Railway Station: CNY 30
Baiyun International Airport - Jiaokou Bus Staion: CNY 100
Baiyun International Airport - Tianhe Bus Staion: CNY 102
Baiyun International Airport - Haizhu Bus Staion: CNY 140
Baiyun International Airport - Phoenix City Hotel: CNY 170
Baiyun International Airport - Royal Mediterranean Hotel: CNY 120
Baiyun International Airport - Garden Hotel: CNY 93

Please note that most taxis in Guangzhou are only metered in urban areas. So when taking a taxi to or from the suburban areas, you will have to bargain with the driver before the trip begins. Remember to ask for, and keep safe, the receipt when you get off the taxi. Since there is the identification number of the taxi on the receipt it is possible that you can recover any property you leave behind.

Chinese Taxi ride through Guangzhou
Chinese Taxi ride through Guangzhou
Guangzhou Taxi Ride from the Airport
Guangzhou Taxi Ride from the Airport

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