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February 3, 2018
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China has paid more and more attention and endeavor on sport industry in recent years. In 2008, China let the world saw China’s achievement on sport and also showed its determination to develop sport and make people healthier than before. So far China has established many sport universities and students from sport universities usually become athletes, coaches and teachers in China.
Some popular sport universities in China are: Tianjin University of Sport, Nanjing Institute of Physical Education and Shenyang Sport University.
An agriculture university means a university that is engaged in teaching, research and extension in agriculture and related disciplines. China is a big country in agriculture field and there are many agriculture universities. In the top 100 of China’s universities, 7 of them are agriculture universities.
Some popular agriculture universities in China are: China Agricultural University, Huazhong Agricultural University and Nanjing Agricultural University.
China has different types of universities focusing on provide programs about music, design, fine art, acting and liberal arts. In the past three decades, students form art universities had made great contribution in the development of culture in China.
Some popular art universities in China are: Central Conservatory of Music, Tianjin Conservatory of Music and Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts.
A medical university usually provides a range of educational programs in the biomedical sciences and medical field. Most medical universities have the purpose of preserving and optimizing human life.
Some popular medical universities in China are: China Medical University, Capital Medical University and Tianjin Medical University.
A Language university in China helps international students to learn Chinese and enable Chinese students to learn foreign languages in China. As the development of China, more and more international students would like to learn Chinese. China has established many language universities and about 457 Confucius institutes around the world to spread Chinese culture and language around the word.
Some popular language universities in China are: Beijing Foreign Studies University, Tianjin Foreign Studies University and Shanghai International Studies University.
A Normal university means a school or institution that trains teachers, and does not means an ordinary university. Nowadays, normal universities in China are not only playing the role of training teachers, but also cultivating comprehensive college students.
Some popular normal universities in China are: Beijing Normal University, Hunan Normal University and Tianjin Normal University.
A Financial university in China is aimed to cultivate talents for China’s economic construction and social development. Students from financial universities may step into banks, financial department, and international trade companies to create value with their skills.
Some popular financial universities in China are: University of International Business and Economics, Hebei University of Economics and Business and Tianjin University of Finance and Economics.
A comprehensive university means the university provides a huge variety of different courses, programs. In recent years, most universities in China have many programs so most of them can be regarded as a comprehensive university. So the difference between normal university and comprehensive university seems like only the number of programs.
Some popular comprehensive universities in China are: Beijing University, Fudan University and Zhejiang University.
A science and engineering university means a university mainly focus on programs such as nature, science, technology, engineering, computer and mathematics. Since China set up the goal of build world’s first class universities, more and more universities have become more “comprehensive” and not only providing science and engineering programs.
Some popular science and engineering universities in China are: Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China and Huazhong University of Science & Technology.
A Nationality university in China usually was set up to solve domestic nationality issue in China. A Nationality university is also carrying the mission to cultivate talents in minority nationalities and make research on theories and policies about nationalities in China.
Some popular nationality universities in China are: Minzu University of China, Dalian Nationalities University and Yunnan University of Nationalities.
Military universities in China send thousands of talents to positions in China’s army, Department of Defense, and other subsidiary organizations of China such as military hospitals and schools. As the growth of needs to build more and more powerful armed force for self-defense, China is also developing more and more military talents than before.
Some popular military universities in China are: Fourth Military Medical University, National University of Defense Technology and PLA Air Force Radar Academy.
An law & politics university in China usually provides programs to train students’ are essential for political and legal professionals, and are transferable to many other professional fields. As the economy growing rapidly in China, the demand for law & politics talents are getting more and stronger, therefore, more and more law & politics appeared in China.
Some popular law & politics universities in China are: Southwest University of Political Science ang Law, East China University of Political science and Law and Northwest University of Politics and Law.
Source: www.cucas.edu.cn
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Raining in Guangzhou China.
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