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May 4, 2016
Workers toil on the terminus

Hong Kong Railway StationHong Kong Railway Station, also called Hung Hom Railway Station, is located in Cheong Wan Road, Yau Tsim Mong District, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Hung Hom Station, formerly known as Kowloon Station, is the terminal station of the East Rail Line, West Rail Line, and the Intercity Through Trains in Hong Kong. It is also the center of the Hong Kong Metro Railway Station. The station serves as the major station for people traveling between Hong Kong and mainland China. It is 2, 407 kilometers from Beijing West Railway Station and 35 kilometers from Shenzhen Railway Station.Hong Kong to Shanghai Train It only takes 30–40 minutes to get to Guangzhou by train from there.

Arrival Procedures

Trains from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou arrive in Hong Kong at this station. After getting off the train, follow the instructions and use a lift or escalator to get to the Arrival Hall where you can use the check-out counter or automatic machine for the exit formalities, before you continue with your arrival procedures.

Hong Kong to Shanghai TrainAfter completing the arrival procedures, claim your luggage and go through the customs security check before leaving the Arrival Hall. Use the red channel for a customs declaration, if necessary, or use the green channel if you have nothing to declare.

Departure Procedures

If you need to have your luggage checked, go to the Intercity Customer Service Center to have it handled. Announcements are made when it is time to check-in for your train. Boarding is allowed 10 minutes prior to departure. You can also check the screen for departure and check-in times. Present your ticket to the staff when you check-in. You will be unable to check-in without a ticket, and cannot purchase a ticket on the platform or the train.

Go to the Departure Hall and use the check-out counter or automatic machine to complete the departure procedures, before going to the Waiting Hall to wait for your train.

You are allowed to enter the platform approximately 20–30 minutes prior to the train’s departure. Check the coach number on your train ticket and board the train accordingly.

Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong Express Rail Link Hong Kong to Shanghai Train
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Chinese Train Ride Guangzhou to Hong Kong
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Crossing the HK-China Border by Train

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