Guangzhou train schedule

July 14, 2015
Guangzhou to Congjiang Trains

Dongguan Public Transportation Guide
Dongguan City locates in the central south part of Guangdong Province with Guangzhou to its north and Shenzhen to its south. Dongguan is the only prefecture-level city that lists in the "Top 200 Largest Economies of China".
Dongguan comprises 4 districts and 28 towns. Some of them are named as Guancheng District, Wanjiang District, Houjie Town, Shatian Town, Humen Town, Chang'an Town and etc.
Average annual temperature in Dongguan is 24.3 degree Celsius and it's suitable to pay a visit any time in a year. Tourist attractions and famous historic sites that you can't miss in Dongguan are Yuehui Garden, The People's Park, Yanling Ancient Quarry, Qifeng Park, Flower Island of Songshan Lake and Guangdong Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park.
There are 5 train stations in Dongguan city for passengers, naming Dongguan Train Station, Dongguan East Train Station, Shilong Train Station, Shilong East Train Station and Zhangmutou Train Station.
Dongguan Train Station and Dongguan East Train Station are the two most popular train stations in Changping Town. Shilong Train Station and Zhangmutou Train Station are used for high speed bullet D trains only.


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