Province of Guangzhou

February 19, 2016
Delos CEO Paul Scialla said:

Guangdong MapSituated in the southernmost part of China's mainland, it covers a land area of 179, 800 square kilometers (69, 421 square miles), an island area of about 1, 592 square kilometers (about 615 square miles) and has 3, 368 kilometers of winding coastline, which is the longest in the country. Rivers from all over the province discharge into the South China Sea, forming the fertile Pearl River Delta, which is one of the countries' most densely cultivated areas. Its capital city, Guangzhou, formerly known as Canton to the western world, is located in the north of this river delta. Due to its special geographical position, Guangdong has for long served as a window of the country to the world. Besides, local people have spread to almost every corner of the world, making the province the hometown of many overseas Chinese. Transportation between it and other places is also very convenient, especially between Hong Kong and Macau. However, sitting on the Chinese southernmost part, this place is frequently affected by typhoons, especially in summer time. Travelers should pay attention to the local weather forecast if they plan to visit the area during the typhoon season.

As one of the earliest open trading ports to outside world and the starting-point of Maritime Silk Road, Guangdong has a long history of commercial trade and acceptation to the exotic culture. It is also the origin of modern industry as well as the national industry.

Since the beginning of the reform and opening in 1978, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Shantou have been set up as special economic zones while Guangzhou, Zhanjiang and Pearl River Delta are listed as open cities and areas. These factors have advanced the province to a new stage of development. By now, it has been developed into one of the most developed areas of mainland China with the most dynamic market and attractive investment environment. Guangzhou, not only plays a role as the political center of the province, but also the economic, scientific, educational and cultural center. Canton Fair, also called China Import and Export Fair is held twice yearly here and provides great opportunities for international trade between the country and the rest of the world. Shenzhen is well-known for its electronic industry while Dongguan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Shunde, etc have many factories making household appliances. Many transnational enterprises have set up branches or factories in these cities. Besides, a production base of grain, fruit and sugarcane has grown up around Pearl River Delta; a production base for tropical crops has been developed on Leizhou Peninsula.

Local Festivals and Events
As well as the traditional Chinese festivals or activities like Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, this province has some characterized activities. Pearl River Cruise has been a must for those visitors to Guangzhou, which provides picturesque scenery along the third longest river of the country. Canton Fair, held every April, 15 to 30 and October 15 to 30 attracts numbers of businessmen; next time, those attending may take a tour in or around the city to explore its true beauty. Guangzhou International Food Festival, which is held annually in October or November, is a famous tourist festival mainly about food, entertainment, trade and tourism. Yangjiang Kite Festival held on Chongyang Festival (9th day of the 9th Chinese lunar month) has attracted kite enthusiasts from both home and abroad every year. The Yangjiang kite, with a history of 1, 400 years, is attractive in appearance, elaborate in structure and vivid in expression; it has also been the representative of Chinese southern kites. There are also many other local activities such as China Tourism Art Festival & Guangdong Carnival, International Tourism Cultural Festival, etc. All in all, it is graceful and charming. What you need to do is explore and experience its many facets!

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees - Liurong Temple- Guangzhou
Temple of the Six Banyan Trees - Liurong Temple- Guangzhou ...
Night of Guangzhou
Night of Guangzhou
2010-11-01 (4 of 5) Guangzhou - Mall & Outside
2010-11-01 (4 of 5) Guangzhou - Mall & Outside

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