Guangzhou Airport transfer

January 4, 2016
Chen Family Temple, Guangzhou

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If you are planning to visit China’s Guangdong, you are most likely to arrive at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN). After opening in August 2004, it became the second busiest airport in China, used mainly by the Shenzhen Airlines and China Southern Airlines. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport has business centers, parking lots, banks, water dispensers and medical room. The business center offers fax and photocopying services. It is also the best place to go if you need to make long distance calls. There are also rooms for mothers and infants. There are also designated areas for smokers. Shops and restaurants are at the first floor. For cheaper meals, you can go to the Jinlong Food Street near the airport’s gate 17 and 18. The entire airport is a Wi-Fi zone so you can surf the Web as long as you have a laptop or Wi-Fi enabled mobile device.

The airport is near Mount Baiyun and is 28 kilometers from the downtown of Guangzhou, which is the capital city of Guangdong. Among the places to visit in Guangzhou are zoos, parks, gardens, temples and market. The Guangzhou Zoo is a must see if you like animals such as pandas. Another option for animal lovers is the Xiangjiang Safari Park.

Yuexiu Park, the largest in the city, has the Five Rams statue, which is a tribute to a myth narrating the city’s creation. If you like plants and flowers, go to the Guangzhou Orchid Garden near Yuexiu Park’s west gate. A trip to Guangzhou is never complete unless you visit one of the temples. The Six Banyan Temple is on top of the list. This is where you can find a laughing Buddha and the Six Banyan or Flower Pagoda. The Temple of Chen Family (also known as Chen Clan Academy or Chenjiaci) is also a must see. Its garden has clay sculptures that depict a novel written by Luxun. Lastly, you should go to the Qing Ping Market where you can find almost everything especially various exotic meats.

Guangzhou Airport Guide

Guangzhou Airport, more officially known as the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, is the primary airport that serves for the capital of the Guangdong province of China. It has also become the main hub for southern China airlines, and is also the core base for Shenzen and Hainan Airlines. The airport continues to serve a large number of guests and has even garnered for itself the title of China’s second most used airport of 2011. On a larger scale, it placed nineteenth over all airports in the world. These recognitions were due to a passenger volume of over forty five million in total for the whole year 2011. Passenger flights are not the only kinds being serviced by the airport. This international airport also placed twenty-first in the world’s busiest in terms of cargo traffic, and the third busiest over all in China.

The current Guangzhou Airport was just newly re-opened last 2004, after a building project that used up more than nineteen billion yuan. It is said to be five times larger than the predecessor that it replaced. The airport is located just 28 kilometers to the north of the city of Guangzhou, and can be reached through the Guangzhou Metro in approximately 30 minutes or less. Although the location is a bit farther from the city than the old airport, it appears that there is limited space for expansion, thus leading to the continuation of age long issues of limited spaces and overcrowding. A new development plan has been approved as of 2008, and future plans involve the expansion of the runway, as well as a new Terminal 2 which will allow the airport to serve up to seventy five million passengers every year.

There is currently only one terminal for the whole airport, but it is divided into the A and B boarding areas that are further divided into smaller concourses. Given the high volume of traffic that passes through the airport’s gates every day, there are numerous check-in counters and boarding gates available. It is also easy to get around the airport given the signs available, and many passengers find it to be very spacious as long as they do not travel during the peak seasons. As for other amenities, Guangzhou Airport also has cash and ATM machines, as well as numerous dining establishments to make sure that all guests are taken care of.

Arriving Guangzhou Baiyun Airport
Arriving Guangzhou Baiyun Airport
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[AFK]121210-Guangzhou Airport Transfer[Kris]

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