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July 20, 2015
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Baiyun Airport's Passenger Terminal Layout, Exit & Entry Immigration Procedures; International Arrivals & Departure; Security check Lanes; Passenger Transfers; Terminal Details & Security Lanes; Services & Amenities & Important telephone numbers:The large four-level passenger terminal at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport includes a main building, a connector, Concourses A & B, and elevated walkways. Exit & Entry Immigration procedures: Both incoming and outgoing passengers need to show a valid passport. Foreign passengers need to complete the 'Foreign Exit & Entry' registration card and have a Chinese Visa. After due inspection, the entry registration card will be taken, while the exit registration card will be returned to passenger. Those holding a group visa to China will be exempted from this requirement.
International Arrivals need to go through Inspection & Quarantine, Border Inspection, Baggage Claim, Customs Inspection, & again Inspection & Quarantine.
International Departures need to check in, get boarding pass, go through Inspection & Quarantine, Customs Inspection, Security check, Frontier Inspection & on to the boarding area. All passengers of international flights board through the East 1 Concourse of Area A.
Security checks Lanes: Of a total of 52 lanes -11of are for international flights at the East Sector:
East Sector: Lane 1, staff & crew; lane 2 passengers; lane 11 First/Business Class, servicemen, elderly, & disabled;
West Sector: Lane 1 First/Business Class; Lanes 2-9 & 12-17 passengers; lane 10 stafff only; lane 11: servicemen, elderly, & disabled;
Passenger transfers:
Depending on your transfer schedule, you can follow one of the four scenarios outlining where to go when transferring to another plane:
Changing from an international flight to a domestic flight: After deplaning, hand in your health declaration, go through Immigration check, then the baggage claim, go to Customs inspection; then to the Transfer Desk, go through security check and wait in the departure hall for boarding.
Changing from a domestic flight to an international flight: After deplaning, go to baggage claim, health inspection, customs inspection, then go to the transfer desk, thereafter go through Immigration check, security check, and then wait in the Departure Hall for boarding.
Changing from international flight to another international flight: After deplaning, go to the transfer desk and thereafter wait in the Departure Hall for boarding.
Changing from domestic flight to another domestic flight: After deplaning, go to the transfer desk; thereafter wait in the Departure Hall for boarding.

The Passenger Terminal at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport with four levels (its underground level 0 leads to the subway station and parking lot; while Level 4 houses offices.)
Level 1 houses the Arrivals Hall with baggage claim & Customs facility;
Level 2 is the Arrivals level with immigration facility;
Level 3 is the Departures level with Departures Hall & 8 entrances/exits (outside of which are the taxi and shuttle bus stops) - divided by Domestic & International sides. (In addition to regular check-in counters, there are automated check-in kiosks for baggage check and boarding passes. )
(a) The Domestic Departure Hall has 6 check-in counter islands E through N with 144 check-in counters. Services include information pertaining to tickets, international/domestic flights, ticket changes & seat-reconfirmation for return flight, check-in assistance, and more. (Islands E, K & L handle check-in procedures for the International Departures Hall).
(b) The International Departures Hall has four check-in counter islands G, H, F & J, and 102 check-in counters. Passengers to international flights use Boarding Area A, Concourse East 1.
Boarding Gate Areas: Both Concourses A & B can be accessed from the Departures Hall on level 3 - the east side leads to A gates; the west side leads to B gates. Both A & B gate areas are divided into three piers: North, Center, & South.
Main Terminal gates: 1-8 at its south side & 9-16 at its north side. Each of the A & B Concourses are divided into three gateways:
Concourse A gates: West: A124-133 (A13-18 are on level 1); Center: A113-123 (A07-11 on level 1); South: international gates A101-112 (A01-04 on level 1).The 'Baiyunport' lounge, is a First- & Business-class Lounge in on the A Concourse, near the entrance to the South gates.
Concourse B gates: North - B224-235 (B13-18 on level 1); Center - B214-B223 (B07-B10 on level 1) ; South - B201-213 (B01-B04 on level 1).

Services and Amenities at Baiyun Airport: While most food & drink & retail concessions are located in the Domestic Lounge on level 1, you can dine at the Jinlong Food Street, located near Gates 17/18 of the Departure Hall. This area also has an assortment of cafes.
Special security check line intended for the elderly, disabled & servicemen is at International gate 11, Domestic East gate 11 & Domestic West gate 23.
Ticket counters on level 3: Domestic ticket counter near gates 3, 11 & 14; International ticket counter near gates 5 & 6.
Information desks (tel. 03): four are opposite F & D Islands and near the gates & 15.
Free internet service: throughout the terminal at 63 hot spots(use AIRPORT-WIFI-FREE).
Lost & Found is in the Departure Hall on level 3, near gate 1.
Business Centers, First & Business Class Lounges & Post Office are listed separately as 'Business Sevices'.
Medical Centers: at gate 27, level 1; on level 3 of west-bridge building; & on level 2 of East II building.
Mothers & Infants rooms are at Departure areas A & B on level 3.
Baggage: (a) For overweight baggage exceeding 50kg, or 50x75x90cm in dimension, go to the baggage check-in counters next to gates 1, 9 & 16 of the Departure Hall on level 3 of the main block. (b) Left baggage service is on levels 1 & 3.
Baggage Storage facilities (tel. 020 – 36066859) at: Gate 16, Domestic Baggage Claim Lobby; Gate 8 in International Departure Lobby, Domestic Arrival Area B (2), International Arrival Area (2).

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