Where is Guangzhou China on a Map?

November 8, 2017
Where Is China On A World Map
The city of Guangzhou , the capitol of the Guangdong province, is an important trading and business center and also a busy port in China. Situated on the fertile delta of the Pearl River, the natural conditions in Guangzhou Guangdong are ideal for economic progress.
Guangzhou Guangdong enjoys sub-tropical type of climate. The annual average temperature of Guangzhou is about 22 degree Celsius, with August being the hottest month and January the coldest. During the rainy season between the months of April and August, Guangzhou receives almost 1700 millimeter of rainfall. Covering an area of about 16, 000 square kilometers and a present population of around seven million people, the city of Guangzhou has a long and rich historical past. Like the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, Guangzhou has a history of more than 2, 800 years. Ancient Guangzhou had been the capital city of three Chinese dynasties, the Nan Yue, the Nan Han and the Nanming. There are many historic sights in Guangzhou such as the Western Han Nanyue King's Tomb and the Zhenhai Tower. The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall has preserved many of Guangzhou's historic heritages.

The city of Guangzhou is famous for its scenic beauty. The city is adorned with many parks that are I full blossom all the year round. Guangzhou is also the seat of higher education in Guangdong. The Zhongshan University, the South China University of Technology, and the Ji-nan University are some of the famous universities in Guangzhou. Guangzhou also boasts of its arts and handicrafts, mainly the Guangdong embroidery, ceramics and ivory carvings. As a foreign commerce center in south China, Guangzhou has gained great international prominence in recent years.

Sight-seeing In Guangzhou

  • Pearl River
  • Guangzhou Ocean World
  • Shamian Scenic Spot
  • Guangzhou Grand World Scenic Park
  • Yuexiu Hill
  • Baiyun Mountain
  • Huangcun Equestrian Club
  • Sunlight Reflection at Shimen
  • Luogang
  • Wangzi Mountain Forest Park
  • Red Peach Park at Shima
  • Dansuikeng Scenic Spot
  • Guangzhou Jockey Club
  • Xiguan Ancient Mansions

No visit to Guangzhou is complete without tasting its exquisite, lip-smacking cuisine, both local as well as global. Guangzhou is famous for its Cantonese cuisine. You will also get to relish Chaozhou food, Hakka food, Sichuan food, Shandong food, Hunan food, Beijing food, Jiangsu food, Northeast China food, Muslim food and Indian dishes.

There are many luxury and comfortable hotels in Guangzhou. Some of the famous Guangzhou hotels are the Garden Hotel, China Hotel, White Swan Hotel, Dongfang Hotel and Overseas Mansion Hotel.

Source: www.mapsofworld.com
[ETS2 v1.16.] China Guangzhou Map v 0.1 BETA
[ETS2 v1.16.] China Guangzhou Map v 0.1 BETA
China Guangzhou Map v 0.1 BETA (Euro Truck Simulator 2)
China Guangzhou Map v 0.1 BETA (Euro Truck Simulator 2)
Visit Pear River in Guangzhou, China
Visit Pear River in Guangzhou, China

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