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May 19, 2018
Mohammad S. abu khalil
Jingdezhen (景德镇; Jǐngdézhèn) is a city in northern Jiangxi Province, best known for its pottery.

By air[edit]

Direct flights from JDZ to and from Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou every day. Shanghai flight is one short hour and costs around ¥600-700.

By train[edit]

From Shanghai the 2182/2183 trains leave at 12:40PM with a travel time of 16 hours. ¥117 for a hard sleeper.

From Beijing there now is a direct train (maybe not all days, check first!) K45 from Beijing grand station 11.30, Jingdezhen 10.30. Hard sleeper from ¥338. Sounds like a long journey, but there is a lot to look at, and for those who came with transsiberian, what is 23 hours...

From Nanchang there are three daily trains, departing from Nanchang Railway Station, but the trip takes almost 2 hours longer than the one by bus.

By bus[edit]

From Hangzhou West station at 9AM and 2:20PM. They cost about ¥140 and take about 7 hours.

From Nanchang there is bus service that takes approximately 3 hours departing from Qingshan Road North Station. ¥79.

Get around[edit]

Taxis are the easiest way, the meter starts at ¥6 and is billed to ¥0.1 but rounded either up or down. ie. ¥4.3 = ¥4, ¥8.7 = ¥9. Do not be fooled into taking a flat fare for ¥10 or more. Pretty much everywhere in the city will be less than that.

There is also a public bus service, with very frequent buses at least until 11PM. If you manage to get a route plan, it is a quite fascinating way to get where you want while having a better sightseeing than from a taxi, if you can stand being watched at yourself... Very low standard rate, like in Beijing, ¥1 in a box (make sure to have ones ready!) for each trip.

There are motor bike taxis, but judging by their propensity to laugh in the face of death, they probably are not a wise choice.

An evening stroll to People's park, you'll see lots of couples gather and dancing there, and you are more than welcome to partake with them.

- Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum - Jingdezhen Ceramic Historical Exhibition Area - Hutian Ancient Kiln Site - Porcelain Street - China Porcelain Garden - Yaoli Scenic Area - Lotus Pond - Sanbao village created by world famous ceramic artist Jackson Li

The Sculpture Factory: There are lots ceramic studios, porcelain craft shop, gallery, coffee shop and The Pottery Workshop. Also, there is a Saturday Creative Morning Market every week, this market is hosted by The Pottery Workshop.

Laochang Ceramic Village: Tableware shop, Mug shop, personal ceramic studios, big water jar studio, Blacksmith and the egg-shell porcelain lantern studio.

Laoyatan Tile Village: Tons of tile studio, here you could see how to roll a tile with steel stick with hand by the local artisans. The biggest size of the tile could be 100cm * 200cm

Yaoli Town: A old town has 500 year old history from the Ming Dynasty. Amazing buildings, wonderful landscapes and beautiful waterfall. The areas are dominated by hills of 200 meters, where it is the good place for hiking.

Gaolin: a famous natural attraction. It's the name of a hill, that was the famous ancient material producing area of Kaolin clay.

Tianbao Dragon Kiln: It's a wood kiln that belongs to a local artisan-Mr Jing. The kiln has a 30 years old history, Mr Jing still fires it 3 to 6 times every year.

Sanbao International Ceramic Art Village: In a rural area of Jingdezhen, 6km from the old campus of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. There are restaurant, hotel, gallery, museum and ceramic workshop. Awesome place that you could stay in there for visting in whole day.

Saturday Creative Market The Pottery Workshop Creative Market happens every Saturday morning in our courtyard from eight am to twelve pm. Over one hundred vendors, comprised of young local artists, sell their artistic works. The Creative Market has been a catalyst...

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