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April 15, 2017
Guangzhou Tokay Trading Co

Bullet train from Wuhan to GuangzhouThe distance between Guangzhou and Wuhan is about 1, 069 kilometers (664 miles), and the popular means of transportation are by plane and by train (including by bullet train). Wuhan is located in central China and is the biggest transportation hub in China, linking West China, East China, North China and South China together.

If you want to travel between Wuhan and Hong Kong, take a plane or transfer at Guangzhou besides Shenzhen. Then take a train, a bus, a ship or a (the link includes information for jetfoil transport among Guangzhou, Macau, Hong Kong and Shenzhen). See also Guangzhou-Hong Kong transportation and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Transportation.

Because there are many trains traveling between Wuhan and Guangzhou, the train ticket price (for a hard seat) is cheaper than that of a coach seat, and taking a train for a long trip is much more comfortable than taking a coach. Coach transport (being slower than train transport) is really not popular and not recommended for traveling between Wuhan and Guangzhou.

The old and slow Chinese trainTrain Transport: the Economical and Fast Choice

Every day there are about 74 pairs of trains running between Wuhan and Guangzhou, including bullet trains (G trains, Z trains, D trains) and common trains (T trains and K trains). China Highlights' China Train Schedule page offers you the service of searching for trains running between two Chinese cities, and the information includes the train schedule, ticket prices and stops along the ways. Our tips for traveling by train in China can help you have a better journey.

Wuhan-Guangzhou Bullet Trains

Bullet train is also a choice for travling between Wuhan and Guangzhou. G train (more than 40 pairs of G trains, run daily) has the fastest speed, and the time for a journey is about 4 hours. Next is the D train (only 2 D trains run between Guangzhou and Wuhan: D2101 and D2103, daily), with the time for a journey of 6 hours. The termini for G train or a D train are Wuhan Station and Guangzhou South Station.

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