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April 27, 2017
A Comparison of Major Garment
My name is Jesse, I am a native cantonese.
So I am very familar with Guangzhou friend from came to Guangzhou one day, and ask me:" Jesse, should we buy a map", I told them:" I am the map". :)

Guangdong Province is famous as an export industry region. Guangzhou is one of the coastal cities open to foreign investment in China, and it has grown rapidly as a financial center, administrative center, and export center in Guangdong Province. Guangdong Province is especially known for its export oriented industry and electronics industries. So if visitors to Guangdong want to go shopping for inexpensive electronics, clothing, computers, and thousands of other products, this is a good place to come. It is one of China's export centers. Thousands of African business people can be seen in the major wholesale areas buying export goods. There are about the best supermarkets in China, and thousands of outlets of various products. While in Guangzhou, why not check out what is available to take with you.
Guangzhou is an important transfer station during a journey to China. Travelers flying to Guangzhou may need to wait around half a day or one day before boarding their next flight. and then you can check out how to spend this half day or one day in Guangzhou.
Also read top places to shop in Guangzhou.
Clothes Wholesale Markets
Guangzhou’s clothes wholesale business is very vibrant, and there are many clothes wholesale markets in Guangzhou. The most famous clothes wholesale markets are:
• Baima Market (the most popular one, located opposite Guangzhou Railway Station)
• Tianma (next to Bama and famous for domestic brand clothes)
• Xindadi (situated opposite Bama and mainly sales woolen sweaters and cardigans)
• Zhanxi (a shopping street of many wholesale markets)
• Hongmian Bubugao (located behind Bama and famous for women's clothing)
They are all concentrated around Guangzhou Railway Station, the largest railway station in Guangzhou, located at Huanshi Road West in Yuexiu District. We have handpicked Top 6 Hotels around these Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou. Guangzhou Wholesale Market Hotels

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Wholesale Clothing Factory China
Wholesale Clothing Factory China
Babiken Wholesale Showroom Shop in Guangzhou
Babiken Wholesale Showroom Shop in Guangzhou
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Wholesale Clothing-Apparel Wholesalers & Closeout

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