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July 17, 2015
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China Unicom provides a wide range of international service offerings. Its fixed service includes voice, leased line, Internet service and innovative data services, etc. Thanks to its extensive partnerships with major global operators, China Unicom's voice and data services can reach to every corner of the world. China Unicom has established cooperative relationship with over 120 operators globally and direct partnerships with almost 100 operators in over 60 countries and regions. These partnerships enable the Company to provide high-quality international voice and private line service for more than 240 countries and regions. Furthermore, the Company has developed cooperation with dozens of major international telecom operators in data service such as IPLC, IEPL, MPLS VPN, FR/ATM to provide high-quality service to multinational clients in major countries and regions.

With regard to the international mobile service, voice & SMS roaming has been made available with 357 operators in 210 countries and regions, and GPRS data roaming has been made available with 183 operators in 111 countries and regions as to June 2009. For 3G international roaming and mobile value-added services, China Unicom has made centralized product plans and service plans to realize compatibility of roaming between 3G and 2G. Furthermore, China Unicom has developed a series of value-added services for international roamers, such as the "one card with two numbers", pre-paid roaming service and **100 international roaming callback service, etc..

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International Wholesale+

Voice Services

China Unicom Wholesale Voice

China Unicom Wholesale Voice Services facilitate communications for carriers by providing high quality call routing and terminations. The product includes: Bilateral Voice, China Termination, and Transit voice.

China Unicom ITFS/UIFN/HCD

A convenient and flexible service that provides international carriers and their customers China access numbers and routes the calls to designated locations according to their business needs. The product includes: ITFS (International Toll Free Service), UIFN (Universal International Freephone Numbers) service, and HCD(Home Country Direct) service.

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Data Services

China Unicom International Private Leased Circuit

With rich international network resources, China Unicom is well-positioned to be an international full-service telecom operator. China Unicom international private leased circuit service is provided on both SDH and DDN transmission platforms. It is a point-to-point circuit with dedicated bandwidth providing connectivity between two international locations. As enhanced IPLC service, IEPL(International Ethernet Private Line) service provides you with a dedicated point-to-point international connectivity service with a standard Ethernet interface and highest physical layer network security and high level of flexibility for easy WAN connection and high traffic volume applications.

China Unicom Transit Europe Asia Land Cable System

China Unicom provides carriers and multi-national corporations the shortest, end-to-end SDH transmission circuit over diverse land fiber systems linking up Asia and Europe.

China Unicom China-Vietnam Land Cable System

- SDH transmission system

- Dual routes MSP 1+1 protection

- Flexible speed: 45Mbps, 155Mbps, 622 Mbps

China Unicom TPE Cable System

As the largest investor of TPE submarine cable, China Unicom and our consortium partners provide a full range of options and world class telecom services to transfer your delay-critical applications

China Unicom International ATM/FR

China Unicom International ATM/FR is a data networking service providing high speed and reliable connectivity for multi-national corporations requiring transmission of large amount of data between geographically distributed sites.

China Unicom International MPLS VPN

China Unicom International MPLS VPN – a Layer 3 Virtual Private Networking solution built on the IP core backbone CUC Net. MPLS (Multi – Protocol Label Switching) technology enables QoS (Quality of Service) in traditional IP network to make it perfect for transparently carrying voice, data and video traffic between geographically distributed sites.

China Unicom International IP Transit

China Unicom International IP Transit is a high-speed Internet access service specifically designed for carriers, ISP, ASP and content providers. Your network can connect any of the China Unicom international gateway in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and overseas PoPs for receiving the service.

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- Fax: (8610) 66110009

International Roaming+

In addition to the basic Voice/SMS roaming services, China Unicom provides its customers with various value added roaming services, such as MMS, Video telephone, Mobile news, Mobile Internet, Mobile music and Mobile TV, etc.

2G Roaming

- Voice/SMS roaming

- GPRS roaming

3G Roaming

- Data Roaming

MMS Mobile TV

Video Telephony Mobile Internet

Mobile News Data Card

Mobile Music

Our customer service officers are always ready to help - just contact us:

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