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September 24, 2017
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  • Experimental Assessment of NO Emissions from 73 Euro 6 Diesel Passenger Cars

Environmental Science & Technology

Yang, Franco, Mock, Kolke, Zhang, Wu, and German

2015 49 (24), pp 5

Abstract: Controlling nitrogen oxides (NO) emissions from diesel passenger cars during real-world driving is one of the major technical challenges facing diesel auto manufacturers. Three main technologies are available for this purpose: exhaust gas recirculation (...

  • Short-Lived Buildings in China: Impacts on Water, Energy, and Carbon Emissions
Cai, Wan, Jiang, Wang, and Lin

2015 49 (24), pp 8

Abstract: This paper has changed the vague understanding that “the short-lived buildings have huge environmental footprints (EF)” into a concrete one. By estimating the annual floor space of buildings demolished and calibrating the average building lifetime in ...

  • Blue Skies Bluer?
Marshall, Apte, Coggins, and Goodkind

2015 49 (24), pp 6

Abstract: The largest U.S. environmental health risk is cardiopulmonary mortality from ambient PM2.5. The concentration–response (C–R) for ambient PM2.5 in the U.S. is generally assumed to be linear: from any initial baseline, a given concentration reduction would ...

  • Air Pollution Exposure Model for Individuals (EMI) in Health Studies: Evaluation for Ambient PM2.5 in Central North Carolina
Breen, Long, Schultz, Williams, Richmond-Bryant, Breen, Langstaff, Devlin, Schneider, Burke, Batterman, and Meng

2015 49 (24), pp 4

Abstract: Air pollution health studies of fine particulate matter (diameter ≤2.5 μm, PM2.5) often use outdoor concentrations as exposure surrogates. Failure to account for variability of indoor infiltration of ambient PM2.5 and time indoors can induce exposure ...

  • Environmental Justice Aspects of Exposure to PM2.5 Emissions from Electric Vehicle Use in China
Ji, Cherry, Zhou, Sawhney, Wu, Cai, Wang, and Marshall

2015 49 (24), pp 0

Abstract: Plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) in China aim to improve sustainability and reduce environmental health impacts of transport emissions. Urban use of EVs rather than conventional vehicles shifts transportation’s air pollutant emissions from urban areas (...

  • Dynamics of Particle Size on Inhalation of Environmental Aerosol and Impact on Deposition Fraction
Haddrell, Davies, and Reid

2015 49 (24), pp 1

Abstract: Inhalation of elevated levels of particulate air pollution has been shown to elicit the onset of adverse health effects in humans, where the magnitude of the response is a product of where in the lung the particulate dose is delivered. At any point in ...

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