Shopping at Guangzhou Airport

March 2, 2016
The wait at Incheon Airport

Global International Shoes Trade Center
This is an outdoor market that has nothing but acres and acres of shoes. Every kind of shoe imaginable is available in this market. The prices are amazing. Like any market in China, be sure to bargain hard to get the lowest possible price on a pair of shoes here.

Beijing Road
This is a street that is full of shops selling every kind of product imaginable. Food, clothing, electronics and more can all be found on Beijing Road.

Mouse Street Shopping Center
Sometimes known by the locals as “Woman’s Street, ” this is the place for ladies to head to buy clothing, jewelry, accessories, and shoes. It has some of the lowest prices for women’s clothing in Guangzhou, but shoppers will need to bargain hard.

Palace Mall
Located in the China Hotel, this is the place to go for well-heeled visitors looking to drop some serious money on high-end luxury goods. The stores in Palace Mall include Hugo Boss, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Fendi. There are also many gourmet restaurants and entertainment options here.

Haizhu Square
A flea market full of all kinds of goods, Haizhu Square has a lovely location right on the riverside. It is a particularly good place in Guangzhou to buy household goods, toys, and souvenirs.

Nonglinxia Lu Commercial Street
Nonglinxia Lu is one of the largest shopping streets in the city. The stores on this street sell mostly clothing, shoes, food, and bags.

Qingping Market
This market is famous throughout the world as one of the largest animal trading markets anywhere. People buy and sell every kind of animal imaginable, mostly for the purpose of eating them. There is also a huge selection of vendors selling products for Traditional Chinese Medicine. This market is definitely a highlight of a trip to Guangzhou.

Popular Front
This is a large store that sells clothing and food from South Korea, Japan, and the United States. It is always full of hip, young people dressed up in interesting styles.

Xiguan Antique Street
Collectors can find a wide range of antiques at this market. It is a great place to pie Tibetan rugs and beautiful antique Chinese teapots.

Jade Street
Surprisingly enough all the stores on this street sell items made from jade. Some great deals can be found here on handsome jade jewelry pieces, but shoppers have to bargain to get the low prices here like everywhere in China.


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