Guangzhou weather forecast

September 19, 2016
Guangzhou Subway Map

53°F 11°C

4 in 11 cm


69°F 20°C

58°F 14°C

6 in 14 cm


77°F 25°C

66°F 18°C

10 in 25 cm


83°F 28°C

71°F 21°C

17 in 42 cm


86°F 30°C

74°F 23°C

22 in 55 cm


89°F 31°C

76°F 24°C

18 in 45 cm

Seasons in subtropical China vary widely, with extremely hot summers. The ideal time for a visit to Guangzhou is during the fall. From mid-September through late-November, temperatures range from about 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The same comfortable temperatures occur in the spring, from April through June, but rain and humidity are more likely. Weather from December through April (the "winter" months) can be much cooler, dipping in the low 40's with frequent winds from the north. Keep in mind that accommodations will probably be less crowded and more affordable during spring and fall, since summer is considered the high tourist season. If you must come during the summer (which is usually hot with potential typhoons) make your reservations as early as possible, even several months ahead of time. And you can pretty much forget about visiting during the Chinese New Year (late-February through early-March). This is when most of the locals do their own traveling and it is next to impossible to secure reservations or find space available on long-distance trains. Best time to visit during the "dry" season...October, November, and just after Chinese New Year (March).

Guangzhou (Sth China normal) University
Guangzhou (Sth China normal) University
CEC - South China Normal University (SCNU), Guangzhou
CEC - South China Normal University (SCNU), Guangzhou
South China Normal University - Guangzhou
South China Normal University - Guangzhou

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